F5 (The novelty)

The new Fryer from Henny Penny: The F5

Here is the newest innovation from Henny Penny the F5 open fryer, designed to help foodservice operators improve their frying practices through a simple, intuitive touchscreen interface and ultra-efficient operation.

The F5 features a custom-built operating system created to make frying easier. The icon and picture-based controls and built-in help guides simplify daily operation and routine maintenance — reducing training up to 50 percent.

The F5’s ultra-efficient system is engineered to help manage oil. The ENERGY STAR®-rated 30-lb. platform offers Simple-Touch 3-Minute Express Filtration. Faster filtration means better compliance, saving operators an average of $3,000 to $5,000 in annual oil costs. The F5 also prolongs the oil’s “sweet spot,” resulting in better food quality.

From the rigorously tested 4mm-thick glass screen and powerful filter pump system designed to prevent clogging and improve speed, the F5 is built to withstand the demands of a commercial kitchen.

“We engineered the F5 to simplify every aspect of frying including training, cleaning and maintenance, and consistent food quality,” said Matt Greear, Henny Penny Senior Product Manager. “By creating efficiencies and improving oil management, the F5 will have lasting benefits for our customers, both financially and in the quality of the food they serve their guests.”

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