Oil management

What is Prime Filter Powder?

Prime Filter Powder is a safe, pure white compound that extends frying oil life — reducing the frequency of oil purchases by as much as 50%. It removes both solids and dissolved impurities from used oil, and it meets food-grade specifications set forth by the FDA, NSF and the JECFA of the WHO.

How it works?

When circulating frying oil with Prime Filter Powder during a polish filter, the powder particles are activated — acting like a magnet that attracts and removes food debris, and extracts soluble liquid impurities, dissolved tastes and odors that spoil fried food.

By attaching these impurities together, the compounds become too large to pass through the fryer filter media and therefore cannot return to the fry vat with the clean oil.

The powder clumps on top of the filter paper/pad, the clean oil passes through the normal filtering process and is returned to the vat for use.

Ennemies of Oil

Air (oxygen)
Metals (trace)
Soaps (Cleaning Agents).

All of these ‘enemies’ can damage your oil quality and shorten its expected life.

Reducing total polar materials

Total Polar Materials (TPMs) are a chemical measure of oil degradation. They have been correlated to the taste and odor of fried foods and many government bodies have enacted regulations limiting the amount of TPMs in cooking oil. Prime Filter Powder attacks the molecular bonds that form to create TPMs which in turn reduces the TPM values in oil.

How it Helps?

Cuts frying oil purchases; longer life, less investment

Less time spent changing and disposing of oil

Removes FFAs, TPMs, colors, flavors and odors, increasing product consistency

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