Model GEL-12

Gelato Case

Width: 85-1/2″ (2172mm)
Depth: 44-1/2″ (1130mm)
Height: 53-3/8″ (1356mm)


Product Description

Ideal for displaying gelato, ice cream, sorbet or Italian ice
Concealed evaporator coils protect from spills
GEL merchandisers ship assembled
Designed to hold European five liter pans or can be configured for USA standard 1/3 size or three gallon tubs. Pans are optional on all GEL models.
Allows two levels of pans: one for display and one underneath for storage
Electric condensate evaporator pan (requires a dedicated 15 amp, 120 volt circuit)
Standard power cord
Rear air intake and front air discharge
LED interior lighting

Front glass lid is top hinged for easy cleaning and access to cabinet interior
liding rear lids

Semi-hermetic compressor(s) standard
Hot gas defrost
Refrigeration system contains two condensing unit
Cabinet should not be placed against a wall that closes off its front or rear
Refrigerant: R-404A
Temperature range: -5°F to 20°F (-21°C to -7°C)
2″ thick walls with polyurethane insulation in the refrigeration compartment for dependable performance


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