Rotisseries-SCR-6 (1)


Height                  38.25 in (972 mm)
Width                  40.63 in (1032 mm)
Depth                   29.88 in (759 mm)


2.5 lb (1.1 kg) whole chickens
Angled spits: 32 chickens 4 per spit 64 chickens 4 per spit
Piercing spits: 40 chickens 5 per spit 80 chickens 5 per spit
Basket : 32 chickens 4 per spit


Product Description

  • THERMA-VEC even heat process cooks full loads quickly and evenly using gentle, cross-flow convection and radiant heat
  • Digital electronic controls with 9 programmable cook cycles
  • Programmable browning and texture control
  • Large LED display for simultaneous time and temperature
  • Food temperature probe ensures product quality and consistency, eliminating the guess work in preparation
  • Comes with spit rotation switch for easy loading
  • Rotation automatically stops when doors open
  • Tempered clear glass doors feature black matrix shaded borders
  • Interchangeable splits and baskets allow operators to prepare a wide variety of menu items beyond chicken, including kabobs, pastries, roasts and ribs
  • Simple three-piece drive tube and rotor assembly
  • Drive assembly, drip trays and drain pans are easily disassembled for quick cleanup
  • Easy-to-disassemble stainless steel parts and optional non-stick coating makes rotisserie simple to maintain
  • High-quality stainless steel construction


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