What is LOV Frying?

What is LOV (Low Oil Volume) Frying ?

What is LOV (Low Oil Volume) Frying ?

What is LOV (Low Oil Volume) Frying? LOV frying is an open frying method developed by manufacturers as a response to the rising operational costs of frying oil. Cooking oil is the single most expensive component in high volume frying operations, exceeding even equipment, service and labor costs. In an effort to reduce costs, a new technology was developed – The Low Oil Volume frying method!

Start with 40% less oil in the vat

LOV fryers use much less oil when compared to a standard fryer. In fact, the Henny Penny Evolution Elite series features an innovative design that can cook the same amount of food using 40 percent less oil. This is done by filtering more frequently and replenishing oil automatically. Think of it like the difference between taking a shower (LOV frying) or taking a bath (standard frying) where you drain a whole tub of water after you’re done.

Top off frying oil automatically

LOV fryers, such as the Evolution Elite feature an auto top-off feature that helps maintain the optimum level of frying oil in each vat. This feature helps manage oil levels in the vat ensuring your product is cooked in the “sweet spot” at all times, reducing oil consumption.

Save big with better, longer lasting frying oil

Frequent filtering, automatic top-off and oil management are all factors in extending the life of frying oil. Switching to LOV frying in your operation can save thousands of dollars per year in oil savings alone.

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