Bazinet Taylor Ltd. was founded in 1954 under the name of Taylor Freezemaster of Quebec Registered by Mr. Joseph Bazinet who was operating from the basement of his residence in Saint-Joseph de Bordeaux. Thereafter, Mr. Joseph Bazinet moved his company to Lattelier Street.

In 1965, Taylor Freezemaster of Quebec Registered became Bazinet Inc. The company knew an important expansion and had to move once more on Louvain Street and then finally establishing itself on today’s site on Bourg Street site in 1979.

In 1984, Mr. Bazinet sold his company to the Kappus Brothers and its name changed to Bazinet Taylor Ltd. In 1992, Mr. Normand Chevanelle became shareholder with the Kappus Brothers. Since August 2000, Gestion Normand Chevanelle is the owner of the company.

Bazinet Taylor Ltd. specialises in the sale and the service of dairy bar equipment and equipment intended to the food industry.

Bazinet Taylor Ltd. is defined particularly by its mission statement which is:
To assist clients in achieving their goals by providing a top quality service.

We are a partner in the success of the projects of our customers. The testimonies of our clients are confirmed daily that the development efforts of our approach give significant results.

That is why we are trying to offer every day a courteous and efficient personalized service, that allows you to better manage and make profitable your business and it for 60 years!