Express Profit Center



Height                  56.50 in (1435 mm)

                               60.25 in (1530 mm) witch caster

Width                  40.00 in (1016 mm)

Depth                   35.25 in (895 mm)



8 chicken domes per shelf/deck (31.00 x 21.50 in) (787 x 546 mm)


Shelf/Deck Number



Product Description

  • Air curtain protects climate inside unit for longer holding times and less product waste
  • Consistent holding temperatures can be maintained throughout the case
  • Low-energy, long-life LED lighting provides enhanced product presentation and reduced environmental impact
  • Creates new cross-merchandising opportunities
  • Heated shelves and deck feature independent temperature controls
  • Clear side panels provide added product visibility
  • Flush mounted control pad includes temperature display
  • Front and side protective bumpers
  • Stainless steel construction with black matte finish on main cabinet; flame graphic available
  • Approximately 5 feet tall and feature 2 lightweight, operator-adjustable shelves and deck. The lower height helps preserve sight lines in checkout and high-traffic areas.


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