T4S (C119)

Finished Products: Batch

Installation: Floor

Number of Flavors: 1

Freezing Cylinder QTY: 1


Freezing Cylinder Size (qt/l): 8.5/8


Product Description

Batch Freezer


A compact machine to produce high-quality desserts in smaller quantities with a reduced investment. Manufactured in Italy by Frigomat to ensure Italian equipment quality and technology to serve gelato, ice cream or medium overrun frozen desserts.


Electronic Control: Automatic and semi-automatic cycles

Six freezing programs:

·         Automatic freezing cycle to reach the ideal consistency according to the type and quantity of mix introduced;

·         Automatic freezing cycle “PLUS” for higher consistency levels;

·         Semi-automatic freezing cycle with time setting;

·         Semi-automatic freezing cycle with consistency setting;

·         Slush cycle with consistency setting and continuous agitation;

·         Slush cycle with time setting and cyclic agitation;

Automatic consistency preservation at the end of each cycle.


High Precision

The electronic IES features a new consistency control system, that further improves the precision during the different working conditions.


Variable Batch Size

High production flexibility (from 2 up to 3,6 liter of liquid mix), through the automatic control which manages the freezing cycle in relation to the type and quantity of mix.



Highly efficient freezing cylinder with direct expansion gas technology and steel beater with removable flexible scrapers.



Cylinder-block steel door with double safety system on hopper grid and on door itself. At grid and/or door opening, the beater immediately stops in order to avoid any accident. The door features an additional grid on the ejection hole to prevent any injury.

The machine features a low voltage control panel.


Easy installation

The machine’s compact size and single-phase voltage make it ideal for any location.



Finished Products






Number of Flavors



Freezing Cylinder QTY



Freezing Cylinder Size (qt/l)



Hopper Qty



Hopper Size (qt/l)



Mix Delivery System



Refrigeration Control



Dimensions w/d/h (in/mm)

17-1/4″ (w)

440mm (w)

31-3/4″ (d)

810mm (d)

49-1/2″ (h)

1260mm (h)


Net Weight (Lbs/Kg)

373 lbs

169 kg





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